Balance Rehabilitation

Rehab gaming
fun & motivating

The Gymplate interface provides to the patients an instantaneous and permanent visual and auditory feedback on the quality of their balance.


It allows them to rebuild step by step their motor skills and appreciation of their motor control.
The patients get involved in their rehabilitation in an effective and playful way.


Gymplate is a complete and versatile solution in balance assessment and rehabilitation. It offers to clinicians rich and varied protocols adapted to a wide range of therapeutic indications. It also follows step by step the patients progress to regain their postural control and autonomy.




Force Platform

Regain balance control

Gymplate is a sensor-based standardized posturography force plate, allowing patients balance to be tested by recording their weight shifting and body swaying.
It allows quantifying the movement of their Center of Pressure (COP), the projection of their center of gravity. It also gives insights on the patients balance abilities, postural symmetry and the quality of their stability.

Software screen

Comprehensive balance report

Clinical Applications

Fall prevention



Post Trauma disorders

Vestibular disorders

Various & interactive 3D gaming environment

Soon available in 2022

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