Rehabilitation Continuum

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brainBecause every day counts, FPS should be applied as soon as possible starting during the acute phase to prevent the side effects of long-term immobility, promote spontaneous motor recovery & maintain the interaction between motricity and its related neurosensory information.


brainbrainWe propose innovative solutions to help clinicians & patients to realize intense rehabilitation session allowing the repetition of tasks to promote daily activity & stimulate the plasticity during the sensitive period.

brainbrain brainWhen the hardest passed, the longest comes. Reducing compensation, release patient’s pain, improving their motor skills daily life is a permanent goal we aim to achieve with our integrated solutions.

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Each step a solution

Techno Concept developed cutting-edge expertise in the different phases of the rehabilitation continuum. During each phase of rehabilitation: acute, subacute or chronic, health professionals can select & combine a set of Techno Concept Solutions to maximize the protocols’ intensity & diversity & accelerate the healing of patients.


FPS application in the rehabilitation continuum

The result of a constant partnership with patients Researchers Healthcare professionals Institutions

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functional proprioceptive stimulation


balance and posture

Balance & posture

vestibular rehabilitation

Vestibular rehabilitation

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