Laura CHAXEL, psychomotor therapist at Le Normandy, shares his experience with us :

We use the Vibramoov at the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation center, within the neurology department. We have not yet implemented a defined protocol, and are still experimenting with the different modes and applications depending on the pathologies of our patients: multiple sclerosis, stroke, tetraplegia, paraplegia, Guillain-Barré, etc …

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For example, in a case of a MS, we can use it in hypertonic mode to decrease spasticity and related pain. In the case of a Guillain-Barré, it will stimulate the motor cortical areas of the lower limbs in order to help the patient recover sensations and improve his walking pattern..

We offer Vibramoov sessions of 20 to 30 minutes on average more than 3 times per week and per patient. In general, patients feel a sense of comfort and feel efficient at work during the Vibramoov sessions.

Complementing other practices, the Vibramoov has the advantage of being accessible to all patients, who are free to do or not the movements without constraints. The central sensory stimulation allows a motor response of the patient and the integration of the body pattern. We note a rapid empowerment of the patient.

Finally, to allow an even more total adhesion of the patient, we suggest that the user interface proposes a female character, and that it lets choose the movements of the avatar in mirror or in reversibility for the patients with disorders of the body schema and laterality.


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