Raphaël ROYER, founder and director at Centre Brain-Moove, shares his experience with us :

Having used transcutaneous vibration for a long time, I naturally turned towards the almost daily use of Vibramoov in the context of brain injury patients.

 The use of Vibramoov gives hope and different management possibilities for patients with neurodegenerative diseases (Multiple Sclerosis, even Charcot …), but also for children.

 Within the BrainMoove center, alongside other programs, Vibramoov training has been set up for children with motor development disorders (with or without cognitive disorders).

 We can imagine different somatosensory integration and adaptation processes and strategies between a senior and a young child with brain injury.

 In my practice, I am convinced of the benefit of this technology in the service of young patients, even very young children; when it is repeated once or several times a day, while respecting the patient’s fatigue. 


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