Intensity & repetition matter

Crucial role of the clinicians to combine key therapies for turning benefits into functional gains



Use it or loose it

Total solution for neurorehabilitation / Lower & upper limb

vibramoov anti gravity arms support

Control station with 12 wireless stimulators

vibramoov anti gravity arms support

Multiple sets of orthosis


vibramoov anti gravity arms support

Anti-gravity arms support

vibramoov anti gravity arms support

Legs lifter for bedridden patients

vibramoov anti gravity arms support


Neuroplasticity booster

Sooner is better

Two modes to preserve & enhance sensory-motor functions

functional proprioceptive stimulation

Mode 1 - Fonctionnal Proprioceptive Stimulations

Lower limb

Upper limb

functional proprioceptive stimulation

Mode 2 - Regulation of muscle tone

Focal vibrations are applied on the middle of the muscle. The aim is to preserve muscle structure & promote the regulation of the muscle activity between agonist & antagonist. Possible synchronous treatments of patients with similar conditions allow a larger number of daily applications.

Vibramoov is designed and manufactured according to ISO 13485 : 2016 standard.

Clinical applications for adult & pediatric

As early & frequently as possible once the medical stability is reached.

Brain injury


Cerebral palsy



Spinal cord injury

Parkinson’s diseaset


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